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Page 10, April 15, 2013: “Hierarchy of Racism”


“This is a far reaching socio-bio-psychological and institutional analysis of society’s dominance hierarchies, and of the systemic use of racism to maintain and advance the power structures that define both nations and our local environments. The book describes the epic and unavoidable struggle between systems naturally driven towards corporate Fascism and the individual’s thrust for freedom and immediate influence. Freedom of expression of individuals is argued to always favour social progress. Examples include the medical establishment, science at the service of global financiers, economic exploitation, and historic examples of radical critics and activists.”



hazel gashoka My Review of “Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism” by Denis G. Rancourt:  As a Black woman who is trained to read text through a critical race perspective, I had difficulties reading this book. It wasn’t the book that was the problem rather it was my theoretical framework. Although I agreed with the tenets in this book, I found the read to be a constant battle as I fought my desire to be part of the status quo. It is an incredible book and I highly recommend it.

Hazel Gashoka
BA (Psychology), graduate student in race studies


Anat-Matar You don’t have to agree with Denis Rancourt’s detailed and thorough arguments in order to learn from this book. Rancourt presents us with a challenge that human rights activists should seriously consider.

Anat Matar
Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University



Full text of the review is here: “Beyond Critical Thinking — a book review by author Jeff Schmidt“.

From the review:

“In a theme that pervades the book, Rancourt argues that the structure of society reflects the state of an ongoing battle between oppressive hierarchy and the individual’s impulse for freedom and influence.  He says that the hierarchical system needs to disorient and incapacitate us.  It uses brutal methods that exploit the dependence of our self-identities on our social status, over which the bosses exercise much control.”

Jeff Schmidt

Author of Disciplined Minds



Are anti-racist speech codes merely a fig leaf for entrenched racism? Are socioeconomic hierarchies public health threat number one? Is global warming just a profitable distraction from real environmental risks? What is the difference between a true intellectual and a service intellectual? Is the left-wing fetishism of non-violence simply an assent to the state’s monopoly on force?

Author Denis Rancourt asks these questions and more in his new book, “Hierarchy and free expression in the fight against racism. Drawing on the work of Paulo Freire, Jeff Schmidt, and Malcom X, and on his own experience as an activist inside the academic system, the answers he finds challenge dogmas on both left and right, challenging readers to question their beliefs, and pursue their own personal liberation … the first, crucial step in the struggle for social justice. (link)



Wikispooks has featured a chapter from the book. The full chapter “On the Specific Meaning of the Term ‘house negro’ and On Its Tactical Use” is reproduced in the feature page of Wikispooks: Link to Wikispooks page.


Anatole_FranceALink to Professor Anatole French’s summary of the book: HERE-LINK.

Anatole French (aka Denis Rancourt)
Professor of Laws, Law Society of Up Canada University, Capital City, Canada



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