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Pages: 175
Format: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Stairway Press
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9859942-8-0

Buy the print-book directly from the publisher (recommended): Stairway Press

Buy the e-book from Amazon:,

In OTTAWA, buy the book at: Octopus Books

Contact the author for a review copy.


4 responses

4 01 2013

On is says the kindle version has been out since January 18 2012, but the print version is not available until January 15 2013. Is the print version an update of the kindle version, or are they the same? How much will it retail for on

4 01 2013
Denis Rancourt

The print and kindle versions have exactly the same contents, same edition. sets its own prices in that they are free to make a special price below the $19.99 list price for the paperback, as I understand it. Some readers have already received their paper copies ordered directly from the publisher.

18 01 2013
Denis Rancourt

Why not buy it directly from the publisher for $19.99? It should be the same price on Amazon, but Amazon decides. Contact the publisher for more information.

18 01 2013

Unavailable in print from or .ca still. Is it available in any bookstores?

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